Red Hand Rising

Twelfth Session
  • Lenn’s 3 trials to get through his door became clear to us, with the first being on an island to the southeast
  • Gilden thought back to his youth when he was being tutored. There was a minor war with a Hobgoblin nation with a small settlement called Kragma. The place was significant because it was both a port and the home of an oracle/seer. The war was ultimately inconclusive, because the dwarves got distracted by some giants.
  • Gilden is planning a reasonable quantity of genocide
  • As we’re traveling to Southport, Gilden tries to get himself set up to make more scrolls
  • We found the site of a small battle/skirmish. Most of the important gear has been looted, but there’s some random stuff left behind. One group was hired mercenaries, the other was a mixed group of Red Hand soldiers, an orc, hobgoblin and a dragonborn.
  • The Dragonborn has some ritual scarring that is indicative of a tribe that is based around Drakeholm
  • Gilden is able to determine that this happened about a day ago, and that the Red Hand managed to take something heavy away from the site.
  • The Red Hand crew returned to the road, and we began to follow them along the road, eventually finding their campsite. Where we learned that the wounded person was no longer wounded, and the heavy object that they’d been transporting cut off from the road, and began heading directly south
  • We gave up the chase, assuming that they would reach the jungle before we could make any reasonable progress in their pursuit.
  • During Gilden’s watch, he is alerted by the earth and fire elementals of the area that something terrible is happening. The campfire serves as a window so that he can observe a ritual in progress, the Duergar cleric that destroyed his shrine was in the process of a binding ritual, binding the local fire spirits in some way. When the ritual ended, the fire spirit was sucked directly out of the camp.
  • We changed plans, that we would push directly into the jungle. Heading to the Torm mountains.
  • Hallin got in contact during our watch. Evidently, everyone in the eastern reaches of Falidar had experienced something similar, through the fires, torches or whatever that they’d been near.
  • He believes that it would be very dangerous for us to proceed. Probably TPK level? Who knows. Gilden wants to do it.
  • In Southport, we start looking for the Kundishar Legion, a Dwarven company of mercenaries.
  • Gilden attempts to garner some support from the Kundishar Legion, he is looking to get them to help us get to the mountain, without being pulled into conducting an actual war.
  • Etäg Ziril Onol is the Dwarven name for the mountain, meaning Big Fire Mountain.
  • He converses with a High Cleric and a guide from the Legion, learning about the paths into and out of the mountain.
  • While in Southport, Quin purchases some materials to make a Pearl of Power, and a set of painting supplies.
  • Quin made a small painting of the people of Southport, it was looking upon a town square, showing the people as they moved through their daily lives. The entire painting seems slightly out of focus, except for the people’s faces, which are recreated in exacting detail.
  • Quin and Yamato purchase horses to aid them in their travels, Yamato names his horse Barnaby, and Quin abstains.
  • We passed a regiment of Red Hand troops on the road, and largely deftly avoided them, though Gilden decided to poop on them as a bird. He got shot at twice for his trouble, but nothing bad seems to have come of it.
  • During our night of rest, a black dog of some description approached our camp, and did some howling bullshit, it panicked Lenn, and our horses.
  • It is a shadow mastiff, scary evil outsider and it brought a second. Our horses were panicked, and ran directly away for only god knows how long.
  • The two horses were retrieved by Yamato
  • Quin retrieved the books that were in the bag of holding from Yamato.
  • As the night goes on, Quin looks through the books that were in the bag, taking notes on things that he finds interesting or odd.
  • The Portraitist, though I suppose any winter fey could have done it, ended up scrying the party for a period of time, making Lenn very uncomfortable. Quinn “reassured” the party
  • A column of soldiers passes the place that we chose to camp, 3 Banners, Red Hand, Black Banner of Drukumar, Drakeholm
  • Quin pretended to be a random itinerant and learned that they were planning to stage offensives against most of the coastal cities in the region, most notably Southport.
Eleventh Session

Continuing to Explore the Halls of Udos

  • We went upstairs from the entryway, finding some more hallways, and continued exploring, eventually finding a room with some furniture that was upset by some nonsense, as well as the bodies of 4 people, 2 humans, a dwarf, and an elf. Each of them were killed with daggers.
  • They were all killed exactly the same way, each of them had their throat slit, while in a position of submission.
  • Yamato and Quin started searching through the rooms that we assumed to be the bedrooms of these monks.
  • The first room’s bookshelf holds some normal holy texts, but seems largely devoted to geography texts and atlases.
  • Quin grabs a book, a 2000 year old atlas, from before the Daenlorn Council
  • The other 2 found a huge library. As soon as the bedrooms are checked, Quin is gonna go scurrying
  • The second bedroom is the home of a slightly messier monk. He left a few books open on his desk and by his bed.
  • He has multiple different versions of just about every holy book that we are aware of.
  • Quin grabs a copy of each holy text, the earliest possible version of each god of the Core Pantheon
  • The third room is focused upon history texts
  • Quin takes one of the books that holds the minutes from the Daenlorn council, as well as a book that this monk appears to have been writing about what was happening.
  • The fourth room held an incomplete bookshelf, and an empty desk. Quin moved on without exploring it

We moved on, exploring more of the area. We traveled down a hallway and found another door.

  • Inside there was a large sphere, with a walkway leading up to the side of it.
  • There was also a series of planters, better tended than the other, lower room. And not obviously full of shock lizards.
  • The planters are full of a diverse range of flora, from various different biomes.
  • Gilden decided to go get eaten by plants. He got hit by some sort of compulsion or something to care for and prune the plants.
  • Gilden decides to become one with the plants. He chats with them, and rubs his face on them. He turned on Yamato after he decided he was going to breathe fire upon the plants.
  • Quin found a book on the mating habits of gryphons and a stick while exploring the room full of planters. He also found a Staff of Bolting, can be activated with UMD DC5, 23 charges, fires a bolt of lightning, with a ranged touch, doing 1d12 Electricity Damage.
  • Further down the hall we found a set of 4 of the lightning towers that we’d run across earlier. One of them seems to be on the fritz. It is flickering.
  • There are more bodies in this room. Half a dozen hobgoblins, a small group of humans, with a white robed individual who resembles the guys we fought when dealing with those pirates.
  • They died slightly more recently than the other groups. And were killed by natural weapons.
  • The man with white robes has a holy symbol of Jalen
  • The humans have symbols of the Wyvern lord on their person, while the hobgoblins have symbols of the Red Hand
  • There is some sort of creepy creature that went invisible in the room with us. It evidently didn’t go invisible, it teleported to a place that we couldn’t see. It was a Bearded Devil.
  • It also summoned something. 2 glob of fleshy things.

The Bearded Devil teleported back into the tube that it had been in initially. Quin chose to fire a bolt of lightning from the Staff of Bolting at it. This may have been a mistake, as it caused a catastrophic chain reaction thing, it could have killed Lenn, but at this point technically hasn’t.

  • We went up the spiral stairs that were in the room with the lightning tubes.
  • They led to a third ring. an upper level with a set of 4 larges chairs, large as in huge, as in massive, as in colossal.
  • There is a walkway from the chamber we found ourselves in leading to a massive sphere.
  • On the walkway, there was a figure, of somewhat indeterminate race, wearing similar robes to the monks that we’d found dead. His robes were finer quality than the others, simply nicer material.
  • He is the steward of this containment cell. A prison, for Udos.
  • Lenn decided to trade for the location of a set of keys that his childhood hero person Hulungalon was pursuing.
  • The Wyvern Lord
    The wyvern lord was looking for a staff to help him, to train wyverns
  • His companion, a man in black robes. was looking for a sword. a blade covered in runes, supposed to be quite good at killing ascendants. the sword was lost, in the deep dark below. Has been called Dreadsong, but has had other names as well.
  • It was last used to kill a drow Ascendant, one of the princes of the Iron Empire, now fallen, they were largely annihilated after completing their mission. They descended into the earth from Torm. The hunt and ensuing battle took them to far reaches of the deep.
  • Dreadsong, they are hoping to use it as a bribe, to convince a servant of the Stormking to betray him. They are currently in the process of dealing with a specific individual, who may be a Cleric of Agwe. Gildan found this all very interesting.
  • The Red Hand views the Fat Man as a rival, as the Fat Man would try to pull those items that they want out of circulation. They claim to have a man on the inside, a spy who keeps track of what the agents are doing.
  • Journeys through Summer, is written in two inks. One is read under the light of one world, while the other is read under the light of another. Current assumption is Material plane vs Fey
  • After our conversations with Udos, we decided to leave.
  • As we start to leave, the transport stone activates for a moment, and a masked man, identical to the one that had been described as attacking employees of the Fat Man, appears. and begins to walk past us. As he passes, he turns and mentions, “By the way, I hear that Kragma is great this time of year.” then continues on his way.
Tenth Session: To the Halls of Udos!
By Hugh O'Connor

Our quest continues, to the Halls of Udos!

  • We awake, following an entertaining feast day, at the Crested Helmet
  • Dwarf inn, up in the Dwarven Quarter of Sanctuary
  • had a lovely breakfast
  • Quinn goes to the Temple of Jalen, to do some research on the Titan Udos
  • the staff is somewhat broken, but we are able to find one useful one.
  • After 6 hours, I rolled 2 natural ones on research.
  • This taught me some children’s stories
  • and about a general of the same name from 150 years ago
  • The third attempt was more successful
  • Titans: children of the gods who then rebelled, this went poorly for them, we believe, we weren’t around at the time
  • The rest of the titans were mostly killed or chained to the bowels of hell
  • Udos is a son of Agwe, is listed as something of a dick. In the entryway of the Halls of Udos, there is a big ole mural explaining all this.
  • He was captured and put in prison for pretty much all of history
  • Kilus and Sonidar socialized him, like a puppy
  • Our relations with Udos
  • Timeline of people who’ve dealt with Udos
  • Began to trade information in exchange for mundane current events.
  • He has not been paroled, so the gods clearly don’t trust him, but he hasn’t killed anyone * * that we are aware of. Or at least none that we have recorded
  • This book was written by Udos
  • Udos has been dealing with people for about 4000 years.
  • He does not speak about the events that precede his contact with society
  • Yamato went to the temple of Sonidar to get some information as well
  • Who found exactly what Quinn did, but only took a few minutes, cause Sonidar people know their shit.
  • Quinn then bought the necessary ingredients to make a Hat of Disguise
  • Then we rested. The next day, we decided to head out
  • Sean payed some orphans for a musical number
  • We hire a sailing ship for 30gp to get to Southport
  • Fiddler’s Fancy
  • The crew looks a tad piratical
  • But they seem mostly above board
  • Chris did some chain crafting
  • Gilden made some scrolls
  • Quinn finishes his bookmark and his hat
  • We arrive at Southport, and take lodging at the Redrock Inn
  • There are dwarf gypsies performing in the common room
    Steven and Nick got distracted by Carmen
  • We have a nice breakfast, eggs, and muffins
  • We left to travel the plains to get to the Hold of Udos
  • on our way there we ran into 2 dire lions
  • We found a large fortress that surrounds the standing stone that we are supposed to be finding.
  • Inside we found signs that indicated the passing of a company of reasonably equipped people.
  • We found the standing stone, and teleported up into the hall of udos
  • There was a pair of colossal doors at the entryway
  • We found ourself in an antechamber, inside was a large black stone that held all the information that we’d found in the books
  • The inside ring of the fortress led us to 2 weird rooms full of plants and another with odd debris
  • We found a 3rd room with giant lightning tubes , inside we found a set of tents and bedrolls, the tents were splattered with blood
  • We found a guy with a holy symbol of Gordus, but none of them
  • We found 3 magic items in the camp, a magical hotplate stone, a magical shirt – sailor’s shirt: once/day, activate it to gain a free move action, a pair of gauntlets – lesser weapon storage gauntlets
Ninth Session
By Hugh O'Connor

Our day in Sanctuary
The party does some shopping, sells their garbage
Lenn purchases a Cloak of Elvenkind
Yamato goes off in search of a small creature for his familiar thing to imprint and create a copy of
Lenn went to the Temple of Kilus
Learned about the Hall of Udos, an actual literal Titan. Should be avoided
The Hall is a structure hanging in the sky, it is accessible via a standing stone that transports you to the entryway.
The stone is beneath it, not quite directly
Lenn then went to the Temple of Sonidar, as Udos evidently is willing to help them with crafting or research.
Udos appears to trade information for the same
Yamato begins the ritual to bind his soul tumor to the dead bird.
Elari is the name of his Soul tumor
We meet up with Farston and do some Fey-walking
Morning of the 5th day of the second span of Triad
We returned to Larton to gather some information, we talked to the town headsman, Sam
The hunters followed them to the northwest to the Old mine, which is about an hour after town.
There is a pair of black robed hobgoblins
they claimed a set of ruins on the hill above the mine
The mine wasn’t played out, but most of the miners simply moved on
Carl, the one whose home was attacked was the last miner to really remain in the area.
We begin traveling along the mine road, and are spotted by a hobgoblin sentry
We get to the point where he was keeping watch, and see the standing stones of a ruin above the mine, 2 banners have been raised, one of which is a Red Hand
5 figures are standing next to the banners
This includes the hobgoblin sentry who’d run the entire distance to them
The second banner is something like a crown, a ring with spokes
We killed 3 Hobgoblins, and sentenced another to 5 hours of flower picking
2 bastard swords – 35
2 light crossbows – 35
2 Holy Symbols, Drukul & Gordus
2 Scale Mail – 50
Mwk Longbow – 187.5
Longsword – 7.5
Flail – 4
Chainshirt – 50
300gp (75 each)
2 sickles – 6
Hide armor – 7.5
The Standing Stones:
Inscribed with a combination of Dwarven and pictographs
They are inscribed with the story of his life, his birth, life, ascension and death.
was trained by his father in the ways of war.
While there is no direct mention of his race, he appears human in the imagers
Details notable deeds, becoming a general, made allies with some dwarves from some distant kingdom
After ascending becomes a masterful general, rules fairly
His death is caused by another ascendant, named Orin.
Oscalon supposedly cursed him as revenge
We found 2 hobgoblins in black robes, they were slaughtered in a round… both were wearing amulets of Chiara
The next room was a clusterfuck.
We fought and killed 6 hobgoblins
2 Longswords – 15
2 Shortbows – 60
2 Studded Leathers – 25
2 Bastard Swords – 35
4 Bucklers – 10
3 Hide Armors – 22.5
2 Sickles – 6
Longbow – 37.5
Mwk Longbow – 187.5
Longsword – 7.5
Chainshirt – 50
Sickening Entanglement royally fucked them up
Quin retrieved the Key of Oscalon
Pictures of a Bear, Bull, Owl, and Fox on each face
The walls are covered in Murals
The Murals cover the story of what Oscalon was doing during his life as a lord
One of the Beastlords
Revered one of the 6 gods each
Str – Drukul
Dex – Kilus
Con – Gordus
Int – Sonidar
Wis – Jalen
Cha – Salaeol
We used the Key to find our way through the door at the other end of the room
We found a throne room type room at the bottom
When Yamato prays his prayer to Chiara, Oscalon appears in his throne
The Red Hand reminds him of his youth. It was a popular symbol during his time. It was a symbol for power, symbolic of the reach
The Red Hand was a sigil passed down by a number of warlords.
Oscalon tells us to hold onto his key, and gives us the locations of several of his bastions, as well as his own citadel.
The 8 artifacts along the mountain range, the water towers
South of Daral
In the Mountain by Kiteron
There was a last, not marked on the map, right by the S of sanctuary, this was his personal stronghold.
Oscalon gives us his favor, and also offers that of his Patron, Gordus
We found some scrolls
Scroll of Hideous Laughter
Scroll of Entangle
Scroll of False Life
Potion of Blur
Weapon oil of Magic Stone
Quin does some more crafting
We return to Sanctuary the following day. It is the Day of Angels
We learn that Orin was most likely a dwarf
Quin does more crafting 1000/1500gp
The next item I’m going to make is a Hat of Disguise

Eight Session
By Hugh O'Connor

Continuing in a Dungeon
We returned to the room with the button panel
Yellow – light switch
Red – cow feeding button
Blue – water dripper
Black – lights off switch
Reminds us of the pillar of black stuff
We decide to try to jump the chasm
this doesn’t work, but we then decided to go assault some orcs
Fighting the Orcs
We brutalized a small colony of orcs, but Quin spared one, named Snat, charming it and learning how to escape from the artifact
Wand – Obscuring Mist (17 charges)
Potion – Invisibility
Potion – Bull’s Strength
Mwk Shortsword (310gp)
Dagger (2)
Leather armor (10)
3 mwk spears (302)
4 falchions (75gp each)
4 javelins (1gp each)
4 mwk hide armors (165gp each)
composite longbow (4) (500gp)
2 battle axes (10gp)
2 breastplates (200gp each)
400gp (100 each)
389gp each
We looted a map of the area
As we attempted to leave the artifact, we found one of the black armored figures from earlier in the dungeon, it was blocking the entryway, and acts like a construct in many respects
Intelligent undead are bad news.
We killed it, and a shit load of zombies as well
We met up with Farston
The town that he’d been staying in was attacked by subordinates of the red hand.
They were searching for something called the Key of Oskalon
We’ve decided to return to the Fat Man, and gather information.
When we are in the Fey, a hound thing began to haunt our path.
The Cold Huntress chased it off, and levered a favor from Gilden regarding information on the dark dwarf he’s planning on murdering
When we got back to Sanctuary, we immediately stopped at an inn.
Lion’s Mane inn
We managed to make it to our appointment with the Fat Man on time.
The 3 Main Figures of the Red Hand
We ran across the Black Mask mage when in the artifact
Assassin – Black leathers and a helmet
Red sword cleric
We’re learning about bad things that are happening to the Fat Man’s men
Fat Man is rattled
Our pay and death pay are discussed
8000 and 2000 each for the deaths.
Of the death pay, 1000 is paid to the temples of Sonidar and Drukul
1000 goes to Al’Kuma and to Sonidar
Oskalon was an ascendant, one of the beast lords
A collection of Ascendants allied against the kingdoms of Reth and Rhylon
dead for 4000 years
killed by Orin, his tomb was locked
We are being appointed to the task of actively combatting the Red Hand and his allies
Cold Huntress
Medium strength Fey noble
Fat Man’s arrangement is with a superior
Vicious, like most winter fey
It would seem that Yamato is being haunted by the weird black armored figure that we killed.
it’s his Knight of Chiara feature
Quin begins crafting a Wondrous Item: a Bookmark of Deception
Cost: 1500gp
Price to make: 750gp
Req: Craft Wondrous, nondetection, secret page
CL: 5
DC: 20
CL+Unmet Req, Unmet Req
Check: 23 (Take 10+13)
Progress: ⅓ done. (500gp completed)

Seventh Session
By Hugh O'Connor

We’ve arrived in Sanctuary
Inn of Rising Sun is where the Fat Man hangs out
we made an appointment for tomorrow at 10am
Then we went to the Shimmer bar and grill, it had confetti cannons
establishing lodging
After we did that, we made our way to the markets in search of a place where we could unload some of our loot
Graven’s Surplus
We deal with Graven, selling the majority of our loot for 2000gp (500each)
We go to the temple square
Morda goes to the temple of Sonidar and requests a meeting with Zoroaster, a high priest of Sonidar, who has a level of expertise with staves
Yamato goes to a temple of Chiara
Learns about the Stalkers
a LE section of the faith, they are sanctioned by Chiara, and are allowed to kill people, often for money.
Gilden went to the Temple of Al’Kuma
he’s looking for help finding his spirit. Told to seek out a tracker of the Shal’nor rangers
Lidar the Dark Dwarf is the person he’s seeking out
Sean went to the temple of Drakul, who evidently have an inhouse rumor monger
Fat man is a collector and distributor of magical items, working within a conglomerate of former adventuring partners. Supposedly a cleric of Saliel, not associated with the church. Known to have hired Stalkers to kill individuals that have killed his employees
known associate of first councilor of the city
If there is a rival group that deal poorly with his employees, it is common for them to suffer heavily in the coming years/months
Sanctuary has a large refugee population, so lots of worshippers of the angels and demons
Dealing with the Fat Man
Vetting process.
First Job
Seek out an ancient elven artifact that has recently resurfaced
Elven Warblade, lost with its owner, has been located in an artifact that was until recently sealed. It opened recently, for unknown reasons.
The artifact was used a while ago as a fortress by an ascendant warlord.
Oren is the warlord
The timeline is less than concrete
Vault artifact, several across the continent, but each is unique.
all sanctified to Al’Kuma, but that likely shouldn’t make a difference
The fortress is a hemi-sphere, with 4 towers
No known competition
Fortress likely has guardians
We met our guide Farston
He brought us on a Fey walk, moving us through a section of the Fey realm
We arrived at the fortress, to find some goddamn orcs hanging out in the foyer

Six Session
By Hugh O'Connor

We went to sleep after the battle
Gilden gives himself a shower
The entire crew watches, mostly out of confusion
When we manage to get together, Morda continues working on his sphere (4 of 5)
Jornis from the helm squad reassured Morda that the conversation going on had been largely inconsequential, apart from being indicative of increases in bandit activity along the river
On our watch, we discovered that we were being paced by a wyvern. It was behaving improperly
It had a rider, and the rider summoned a big water elemental
Morda hit the wyvern with glue seal, causing some degree of concern
The water elemental is kinda fucking us over
Morda got upset.
The Rider came onto the ship, and started checking out the golem, at which point we continued failing rolls
We fought him and his wyvern off.
We let Corban and Jornis know that the rider had been looking at the tarp.
it does not appear that he managed to fuck with the golem, though it is difficult to be sure
We learn about the Wyvern Lord, a bandit lord who has a crew of lackies who ride wyverns.
a relatively small scale bandit lord whose been around for 30-40 years
he’s steadily grown in power in the last few years
He is an elf
There is some notion that he might have some alliances set up with other bandit lords
His land is supposed to be further away, about halfway between our current location and Sanctuary, and not on the riverside
Our watch continues
During the early morning, Jornis annihilated some poor misfortunate wyvern rider who tried to intercept us.
Final Day
Morda finishes his granite orb, it is polished to near perfect smoothness.
similar to this
it weighs 15lbs
We arrive in Sanctuary
the first thing that we see are three large towers
the first resembles a large X, with a cylindrical central body Forgeworks
it resembles a rocket ship
has balconies up the height of it
steam is rising from the top of it
Inspired by: Mengsk’s Palace
the second is more square, with 4 silo like additions on the corners, that receive the water that is flowing out of the central structure in a waterfall
the third is a massive fortress, with 5 spires surrounding, and a large central spire
on the other side of the river is a large ziggurat style pyramid
there is also a goblin shanty town along the river
When we arrive, there is a man in plain clothes waiting at the dock for the ship. He has a silver chain wrapped around one arm, that he is idly swinging
Greets us, clearly serves as the liaison
Cargo is delivered safely

Fifth Session
By Hugh O'Connor

We began the day and went to visit Halin in his emporium.
Inside we met a Human Sorcerer and a Hobgoblin Alchemist who were playing chess
Corban the Alchemist
Jornis the Sorcerer acknowledges us as the replacement squad come to fill in
We are taking the role of Shield squad, of the three, Helm, Sword
we defend the cargo and crew
We are bringing a 3 part cargo
Golem sans power core, Mana shards, Gryphon eggs to be brought to mercenaries
We disperse to get set up for our journey tomorrow morning
Morda goes out into the hills surrounding the area and tries to find a suitable chunk or rock.
Gilden makes some scrolls while being a hippy
We arrive at the dock in the morning
the Reefclaw is our ship
Mina Silver is the captain
dwarf, black hair
crew appears to be a family affair
The crew is all dwarves
and are all wearing various kinds of religious iconography, most of which is lined with silver
Jornis assigns us the night shift
Coral is the first mate of the ship
Morda uses his downtime to begin shaping his granite block into a 6” diameter sphere
he succeeded on his roll, so began to make progress (Day 1 of 5)
During our watch, we pass over a city in the water. It happens to be glowing, evidently it usually doesn’t do this.
there is a city of myth, an artifact associated with the silver dragon goddess, people don’t talk about it much
if you go all the way down, there is a bubble environment, that can be breathed in.
the lake is also much deeper than it appears.
We marked it on our map as an interesting locale
As our watch comes to an end, we start to see scary dragon esque things in the water below
River drakes attack us
Yamato killed 3 of them, and Gilden the other.
They proceeded to skin, dissect, and drain them. For science.
Morda wakes up mid afternoon, then begins working on his sphere again. (2 of 5)
Arkus decides to socialize, chats with Corban
the Fat man has his fingers in a lot of pies
He and Halin used to adventure together when younger
He is a good option for looking for adventuring work
The fatman regularly takes actions specifically to improve the world at large, whereas Halin prefers to make a profit
We go for another day of travel. and our watches are uneventful
Morda takes a femur from one of the drakes (3ft) and the vertebra that would make up the tail of one of the drakes (5 ft)
he also works on his sphere a bit longer (3 of 5)
Next Watch!
as we proceed out of the lake onto a river, and as we go, Arkus sees a place called High Watch.
it is an artifact of Drukul, and resembles the tower at Isengard
he also saw movement on the walls
it is supposed to be uninhabited at the moment
We got scryed by something that might have been in the tower
As we were heading away after our watch, we hear alarm bells, and discover that pirates are attacking us in the river
Looting the Pirates
mwk longsword 315
longbow 75
3 scrolls
bull’s strength x2
fog cloud
potion of fly
chain shirt 100
holy symbol of Jaelin
Scroll of Cure Light Wounds
7 mwk scimitars 320
30 darts
6 sets of mwk chainmail 300
6 heavy wooden shields

Forth Session
By Hugh O'Connor

Yamato went to find a blacksmith’s shop, called the Hammer.
Within are a dwarf, orc and an elf. Each seems to be a trained smith.
We sold a large greataxe and a large javelin and got 401 gold
Gilden got the help of some Shalnor Rangers with his quest to recover his spirit guardian thing.
We have been asked to visit their compound to see one of their spirit guides
Declare that we are part of the quest to find the Silver hoofprint
Morda visited the local archive, and spent several hours familiarizing himself with the filing system so that he would be able to find what he is looking for in any future house of Jaelin
While there, he began perusing the Journey’s through Summer
Fanciful tale of a man moving through the realm of Summer Fae, seems an etiquette primer for dealing with Summer Fae
Learned that Journey’s was one of the original texts distributed to show how to deal with Fae.
The author gathered tales and put them together, and a more recent edition claims that there are differences between the editions the relevance of which are lost to time.
Comparing our two books resulted in
minor wording changes to account for changes in the language
That night we went to visit the Shalnor Rangers
We were guided deeper into the camp by a halfling named Inara, who’s definitely maybe not a companion.
We entered a large tree, sinking deeper into the earth, before coming to a large ring of standing stones, deeper in the ground, each covered in druidic runes.
There is a old elven druid sitting in the center of the ring, he has slight antlers, which happens sometimes to druids, it’s not a big deal, don’t make a big deal of it.
We are to find a sanctuary for the silver stag, which is being pursued by a bunch of shadows, who are chasing after it. We need to find a bridge to the spirit world, so that it can safely cross into our world, and have a place to live.
We need to go to a location that the rangers had found a silver hoofprint, attune with element of earth, then continue attuning with wind, water, and fire
the druid gives Gilden an acorn, which will guide us on our path
After our meeting Inara offers us direction to the location.
Our guide is a human ranger, getting on in years, his name is Danarvin
We’re calling him Dan
The next morning we traveled for several hours out of the city, approaching the grove that we understand ourselves to be approaching
We found a small tribe of goblins who’d set a bunch of traps in the forest.
We summarily murdered them.
Further into the grove we found a standing stone, with a silver hoofprint on it
Gilden decides to commune with the rock.
he relives the moment of when the spirit left its old sanctuary, and gets to experience the hunt that the spirit has gone through, running from whatever was chasing
We can hear the goblins begin to approach us.
A nasty goblin mutant leads a group of about 5 other goblins.
Yamato and Gilden killed a bunch of blinded goblins.
Gilden then communed with an Elder Earth Elemental which was pretty great. Gilden then got a blessing from the Earth spirit, part of the process of making him into the bridge for his spirit.
He got Augment Summoning, when using Summon Nature’s Ally
also an earth commune thing.
While meditating can speak terran
We looted and disarmed a bunch of the goblin shit
4 small mwk horse choppers
4 small mwk dog slicers
6 small dog slicers
6 small shortbows
2 small chain shirts
1 tamborine
100 gp
The mutant had
Potion of Cure Light Wounds
140 gp
Selling this results in: 356 each (excess went to paying for the inn)
Dogslicers: 640gp
Horsechoppers: 600gp
Shortbows: 90gp
Chainshirts: 100gp
Fuzzy Tusk inn, is our next stop.
jovial half orc innkeep
Morda double checks the books
Gilden went to the Shalnor Rangers to look for the druid
He’d left, and Gilden decided to commune with the earth spirits to find the druid who’d moved on.
A major water spirit would be found by the big lake or the ocean
fire spirit could be found at a great forge
air spirit could be found perhaps in the sky
Morda went to Halin’s Emporium, and got another job, running as security for a shipment to Sanctuary.

Third Session
By Hugh O'Connor

We are on a barge from Ker’s Rest to Riverholme
it’s about an 8 day journey
the captain is named Phil Knocker
While traveling, I make 3 scrolls, and several scrolls for Sean
Comprehend Languages
We used the remaining downtime to practice speaking Elvish with a Dragonborn who was also traveling with us.
The second day was a great deal more crafting
On the third day, we noticed a fire in the distance.
Yamata determined that it was indeed a fire.
Arkus and Gilden determine that it was probably an artificial series of structures, such as a town.
The captain’s brother used to live in the town.
We determine it was attacked by Gnolls
the symbol that they seem to be bandying about is a painted red hand
Gnolls are cannibals and scavengers, making them disliked by Chiara
The only remaining structure, is a stone church, dedicated to Jalen
Bad things have happened within.
We found tracks of various gnolls and what appear to be a set of prisoners that were taken from the village
We get a pouch from the first mate of the barge, and the crew of the barge is gonna do their best to fix everything up
We went out on the plain, and found some Gnolls and their dogs
We rocked them, as is correct
We followed the Gnolls back to their encampment. They were getting set up for a cook up, with the villagers trapped in a pit, waiting their turn.
Yamato and Gilden decided to visit upon them as angry deities. and had results that might indicate that such a thing would happen
At the center of the camp was a hut, tardis like dimensions, and with a pool inside.
Also within was a Gnoll Matriarch, who was frogmarched outside and fought
The pool had a chest at the bottom that was trapped. We found the command phrase, and retrieved it.
Inside was
+1 Greatsword
2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
1 Potion of Barkskin
Ring of Protection +1
4 small stones that summoned small fire elementals
Bag of Holding Type I
We return the villagers to the barge, and move them along the river to the next village
I send a message to Halin, whose shop is in the northwestern section, in the southern section of that quarter. Halin’s Emporium.
Sections of Riverholme:
Rural lots of farming and support buildings
Halin’s Emporium is in this quarter
We decide to find lodging
The Harried Falcon’s Perch
Cockatrice’s Den
Owner is a beat up half orc with a skin condition that makes him look like a rock.
Rollin’s Bed and Breakfast
Hallin’s Emporium
Turned in the quest
Shal was a specialist, in acquisitions
We start inquiring after a job
Acquisitions, and muscle
A contact in Sanctuary has a collection that needs to be picked up, we could help
Go to Sanctuary, go to the Rising Sun Inn, ask the innkeep for the Fat Man.
As we left the Emporium, we met a man who is interested in Shal
He has numerous magical auras on his person, which were illusion based and indicated that perhaps he was not as he seemed


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