Local: Western hills of Falidar
Capital: Drukimar
Major Settlements:
Minor Settlements:
Languages: Orcish, Goblinoid, Hobgoblinoid.
Leaders: Warlord, Clan Chieftains
Population: Orcs, Half-orcs, other (Slaves)
Religion: Ulizor
Reference names: Greenskins, Greyskins, Tuskers

The City of Warriors

The city of Drukimar is founded upon a Dwarven Fortress of the First Gear Republic, taken and rebuilt during the War of the Vile. It was one of the few Orcish strongholds able to withstand the counter-attack of the Elves and Dwarves. Over the following years, the city grew into the single largest Orcish settlement, able to withstand the might of the Dwarves.

The city is ruled by a Warlord, and the Chieftains of the Clans. The Warlord leads the armies, and each chieftain oversees a section of the city, historically attached to their clan. The current Warlord has begun to consolidate more and more power, even replacing several problematic chieftains with loyal overseers. The Warlord’s forces have been expanding Drukimar’s sphere of influence to the north – into the Stryruth peaks and south into the plains. His forces are also hired out to work as enforcers in the Obsidian Domain.

The City is a dusty, dirty place – Orcish structures built with a few key elements stolen from the Dwarven ruins below. The Walls and buildings, well not nearly as strong as Dwarven-build structures, are strong enough to withstand most attacks when combined with the numerous and aggressive defenders.





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