Torm Empire

Local: Kundi Mountains in the eastern region of Falidar
Capital: Olin Torm
Major Settlements: High Throne (Destroyed)
Minor Settlements: Various, destroyed
Languages: Dwarven
Leaders: Iron Empire (Destroyed)
Population: Dwarves
Religion: Ulizor, Hethos
Reference names: Torms, Irons, Exiles, Stormblowns.

The Dwarven Empire of Torm (The Iron Empire, the Greater and Lesser Clandoms of Kundi, The Lands of Ice and Steel) was the most martial of the four great early Dwarven nations. Located in and below the cold peaks of the Kundi mountains in the south eastern lands of Falidar.


The Empire was founded by the forefathers of the early Dwarven clans who inhabited the Kundi Mountains. After years of struggling against the native giants and the elements themselves, the Dwarven Clan chieftains united to create a single unassailable stronghold for their joint people – The fortress city Olin Torm. The early empire was ruled by a council of the clan chieftains, until the appearance of the orcish armies from the deep darkness below – the War of the Vile. Under the threat of the wave of invasion, the council elected a single ruler – The Iron Emperor. Under the single strong ruler, the Dwarves of Torm weathered the tide of darkness that swept across their lands, threw back their invaders and marched to the aid of the elves and the other Dwarven nation.

The Empire of Torm then began a vicious campaign against any remaining orcs, goblins, and other monstrous races in their mountains. Their hunters scoured any of the civilized lands for their enemies, but the number of the goblinoids were to great to be completely subdued.

The arrival of the race of men to Falidar brought the expansion of the Empire on the surface to an end, although clans still delved deep into the earth in search of riches. The Empire turned inward, improving the holdings of it’s people, and building great cities to house their growing numbers.

Golden Age

The Golden Age of Torm began before the rise of the Daenlorn council, as the Empire was strong enough to fend off any Ascendants. A cadre of Dwarven Ascendants known as the Sons of the Mountains worked to protect the Empire and the Dwarven people as a whole.

The Fall of Torm

The Fall of Deanlorn’s Council unleashed many creatures back into the world, causing the deaths of many Dwarves and several of the Sons of the Mountains. The Empire, seeking to reassure his people, escalated a conflict with the Horned King of Drakeholm to the point of war. The Imperial armies fought the Dragonborn on the western slopes of the mountains, drawing much of the strength of Olin Torm away.

The long-time enemy of Torm saw an oppertunity – Zundar the Thunderer rallied an army of gaints, orcs, and other enemies of the Dwarves, and laid siege to Olin Torm. Seeing his city would soon fall, the Iron Emperor lead the last of his forces and the few remaining Sons of the Mountains in a final stand at the gates, allowing most of the population to slip away through the tunnels.


The Siege of Torm


Torm Empire

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