Var Thilen


Var Thilen was originally an outpost of the Torm Empire, as a trading post with the Elves of the area. It was lost during the War of the Vile to an army of orcs, but reclaimed after the war. It existed as a quiet reminder to the humans who settled the area soon after the war of the mighty dwarven nation to the south.

The settlement’s backwater status rapidly changed with the destruction of The Holy Kingdom of Reth, and then from the ruins of the Torm Empire. Refugees from both nations flooded the town, quickly transforming it into one of the largest dwarven cities on the continetn, and the sole city not carved from living stone.

The City

Var Thilen is fortress-city, that extends both above and below the surface. At its center is a vast citadel, home to several of the Dwarven Princes.



Var Thilen

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