Religions, Gods, and Demons

Deities of Falidar have undergone rapid change over the past ages. The Native Pantheon saw three of its members nearly destroyed, followed by the invasion of the Outsider Deities. The Outsiders, demons and angels alike, were forced to quickly adjust to their sudden ascension to godhood.

After the Wars of the First Gods, the native gods split into three factions:
Ulizor, the path of Strength. Holds personal interest first, lauds strength and survival.
Aoshi (or Faith in Unity). Prime tenets are Nobility, Valor, and Unity.
Hethos, Balance. Finding the right way in life, between self and others.

The Outsider Gods fall into two other categories:
The Angels: Creed of Radiance
The Demons, or Abyssian, or Hellician.

Native Gods of Falidar: There are thirteen Gods who are naturally associated with the land of Falidar. (Native, in contrast to the Outsider Deities).

Drukul – King-in-Exile of the Gods, who favors strength of arms. Master Deity of Ulizor, path of Strength
Salaiel – The Queen of the Gods. Prime Deity of Aoshi, faith in unity.
Gordus – Knight and Crusader God and consort of Salaiel. Defender of Aoshi.
Falaern – Goddess of Earth, Healing, and Nature. One of the Deities of Hethos, the Path of Balance.
Chiara – Goddess of Death. Guides souls to the various afterlives. One of the Deities of Hethos.
Agwe- The Deity of Storms and Sailors. A deity of Ulizor.
Sonidar – The God of Magic. Deity of Hethos.
Rasxiros – God of crafting and creation. Deity of both Hethos and Aoshi.
Veka-Ir – Goddess of Undeath and shadows. Formerly Vekan. Deity of Ulizor.
Jalen – God of the Sun, light, and civilization. Deity of Aoshi.
Kilus – God of travel, roads, and trade. Deity of Hethos.
Al’kuma – Champion and enforcer of the Gods. Associated with Hethos, Aoshi, and Ulizor.
Rura – Goddess of madness and murder. Formerly Ruratha Goddess of love. Deity of Ulizor.

The Outsider Gods
During the Fall of Daenlorn’s Council, many outsiders from the upper and lower planes were summoned. Seven Angels and a mix of Demons and Devils were changed by some series of events of the Fall. The group of Outsiders were bound to their like kind, and seemed to Ascend to Godhood – although it seems only the collected seven together are a match for the power of a God.

The Angels:
Radiance – First of the Angels, Master of Light
Blaze – Sword of the Heaven, Grand Exarch
Beacon – Lord of Air, Grand Magistrate
Watcher – Defender of the Faith, West Exarch
Tower – Defender of the Faith, North Exarch
Horn – Defender of the Faith, East Exarch
Illum – Seer, First Anchorite

The Demons
Bane – The Great Beast of Fire and Shadow, Patron of the Obsidian King
Chain – Demon of blood and death, Patron of TBD
Fury – Warrior Demon, Patron of TBD
Sorrow – Patron of TBD
Spite – Patron of TBD
Lust – Patron of TBD
Fallen – Patron of TBD

Religions, Gods, and Demons

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