Red Hand Rising

Twelfth Session

  • Lenn’s 3 trials to get through his door became clear to us, with the first being on an island to the southeast
  • Gilden thought back to his youth when he was being tutored. There was a minor war with a Hobgoblin nation with a small settlement called Kragma. The place was significant because it was both a port and the home of an oracle/seer. The war was ultimately inconclusive, because the dwarves got distracted by some giants.
  • Gilden is planning a reasonable quantity of genocide
  • As we’re traveling to Southport, Gilden tries to get himself set up to make more scrolls
  • We found the site of a small battle/skirmish. Most of the important gear has been looted, but there’s some random stuff left behind. One group was hired mercenaries, the other was a mixed group of Red Hand soldiers, an orc, hobgoblin and a dragonborn.
  • The Dragonborn has some ritual scarring that is indicative of a tribe that is based around Drakeholm
  • Gilden is able to determine that this happened about a day ago, and that the Red Hand managed to take something heavy away from the site.
  • The Red Hand crew returned to the road, and we began to follow them along the road, eventually finding their campsite. Where we learned that the wounded person was no longer wounded, and the heavy object that they’d been transporting cut off from the road, and began heading directly south
  • We gave up the chase, assuming that they would reach the jungle before we could make any reasonable progress in their pursuit.
  • During Gilden’s watch, he is alerted by the earth and fire elementals of the area that something terrible is happening. The campfire serves as a window so that he can observe a ritual in progress, the Duergar cleric that destroyed his shrine was in the process of a binding ritual, binding the local fire spirits in some way. When the ritual ended, the fire spirit was sucked directly out of the camp.
  • We changed plans, that we would push directly into the jungle. Heading to the Torm mountains.
  • Hallin got in contact during our watch. Evidently, everyone in the eastern reaches of Falidar had experienced something similar, through the fires, torches or whatever that they’d been near.
  • He believes that it would be very dangerous for us to proceed. Probably TPK level? Who knows. Gilden wants to do it.
  • In Southport, we start looking for the Kundishar Legion, a Dwarven company of mercenaries.
  • Gilden attempts to garner some support from the Kundishar Legion, he is looking to get them to help us get to the mountain, without being pulled into conducting an actual war.
  • Et├Ąg Ziril Onol is the Dwarven name for the mountain, meaning Big Fire Mountain.
  • He converses with a High Cleric and a guide from the Legion, learning about the paths into and out of the mountain.
  • While in Southport, Quin purchases some materials to make a Pearl of Power, and a set of painting supplies.
  • Quin made a small painting of the people of Southport, it was looking upon a town square, showing the people as they moved through their daily lives. The entire painting seems slightly out of focus, except for the people’s faces, which are recreated in exacting detail.
  • Quin and Yamato purchase horses to aid them in their travels, Yamato names his horse Barnaby, and Quin abstains.
  • We passed a regiment of Red Hand troops on the road, and largely deftly avoided them, though Gilden decided to poop on them as a bird. He got shot at twice for his trouble, but nothing bad seems to have come of it.
  • During our night of rest, a black dog of some description approached our camp, and did some howling bullshit, it panicked Lenn, and our horses.
  • It is a shadow mastiff, scary evil outsider and it brought a second. Our horses were panicked, and ran directly away for only god knows how long.
  • The two horses were retrieved by Yamato
  • Quin retrieved the books that were in the bag of holding from Yamato.
  • As the night goes on, Quin looks through the books that were in the bag, taking notes on things that he finds interesting or odd.
  • The Portraitist, though I suppose any winter fey could have done it, ended up scrying the party for a period of time, making Lenn very uncomfortable. Quinn “reassured” the party
  • A column of soldiers passes the place that we chose to camp, 3 Banners, Red Hand, Black Banner of Drukumar, Drakeholm
  • Quin pretended to be a random itinerant and learned that they were planning to stage offensives against most of the coastal cities in the region, most notably Southport.


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