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On this site you will find information about the fantasy world of Falidar. Information about the Nations of the world and people of the world will be added over time, as I have time.

Some basic information: Falidar is a single continent, on a larger world, which is home to the various races of Men, Elves, Dwarvens, Orcs and others. Thirteen native gods, and fourteen Outsider Gods ( Religions, Gods, and Demons) contest for the faith and worship of the people of Falidar. The land itself is a wild land, with vast uninhabited wilderness filled with the ruins of a past golden age, creatures of numerous varieties and other dangers.

The current year is 2654 C.E. (Council Era)
A brief timeline of the world, leading up to 2654 C.E.

The world that this game takes place on is a high, possibly epic fantasy world, surrounded by six moons.

A List of Pages:
Nations (past and present):
Almethu, Drakeholm, Drukimar, First Gear Republic, Haven, Khons-Ranu, Kolduhr, Southern Cities, Second Gear Republic, Sanctuary, The Gem Cities, The Free Cities, The Obsidian Domain, Torm Empire, Tezcatica Empire, The Holy Kingdom of Reth, and The Southern Orcs.

Places (which aren’t nations):
Deep Dark Below

Gray legion, Iron Brothers, Kundishar Legion, Shalnor Rangers, The White Shields, The Circle of Eight, Valdan Brigade, and Windrunners

Al’kuma, Agwe, Chiara, Drukul, Falaern, Gordus, Jalen, Kilus, Rasxiros, Rura, Radiance, Salaiel, Sonidar, and Veka-Ir

A Brief History, Hobgoblins, The Calendar, War of the Vile

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